Urgent action, innovation & transformation to seek HOPE, tolerance & social justice, overcoming poverty where all people live with dignity & security


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Vision of HOPE is on the ground…

Vision of HOPE is a nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to reduce human suffering. We respond to natural disasters, humanitarian emergencies and poverty. We are non-sectarian and non-political.

Vision of HOPE is on the ground with the people we serve. Our programs address four specific needs: Education, Health, Water (Sanitation and Hygiene), and Economic Opportunity.

Vision of HOPE‘s four specific disciplines are well defined, but every situation is unique. That means one size does not fit all. We place a premium on learning, listening, being flexible and responsive. We take risks and learn from results.

Our integrative approach means we’re able to roll out customized programs that address local priorities in the most effective, efficient way.

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UBUNTU in Action…

Ubuntu – This African proverb reveals a world view that we owe our selfhood to others, that we are first and foremost social beings, that, if you will, no person is an island, or as the African would have it, “One finger cannot pick up a grain.” Ubuntu is, at the same time, a deeply personal philosophy that calls on us to mirror our humanity for each other.

We encourage willing participation, warmth, openness, and personal dignity by partnering with communities, governments and corporate organizations. These relationships let us harness complementary expertise and networks to ensure that each community gets the best response available

People are powerful when they are heard.

By engaging with partners, donors and communities, Vision of HOPE fosters skills such as transparency, accountability and open public debate — the cornerstones of effective civil society. And a strong civil society supports good governance, the critical force behind long-term development and stability.

We believe that dynamic partnerships are critical to solving challenges. Our partners – from corporations to foundations to entrepreneurs – are committed to developing and supporting socially responsible initiatives that build stronger communities in the developing world, while enhancing business and development goals.

Together, Vision of HOPE and our partners can help build a world of opportunities.

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